Expert tips for healthy eating outside the home


To get the healthy eating become a habit, it is important that start at home, and that it is extended and maintained in other areas. Between the Breakfast express, O work lunches, O meetings in cafes and the dinners at restaurants with friends, having to choose between dishes and foreign options for the houses is common. Especially when going out to eat is a regular part of the job or simply a consequence of the lack of time and desire to cook.

Although most of the nutritional data are based on 2,000 calories per day, the amount of calories a person should eat varies from person to person, according to weight, level of physical activity and other factors.

"The disadvantages of out-of-home meals are based on the risk of improper handling that can lead to foodborne illness, the addition of sodium and oil, and the lack of knowledge of the recipes implemented, which does not guarantee that meals will be served nutritious, "he explained. Infobae the graduate in Nutrition Delfina Fahey (MP 3438).

However, for experts, enjoying a lunch or dinner at a restaurant does not necessarily mean ruining the goals of healthy eating. While a meal out of a special occasion or social event does not affect the balance of a healthy diet, when it becomes a habit several days a week, several meals a day, you can do so thanks to the great plot size and the excess oil, butter, sugar and salt.

"Many people find that eating healthy outside the home is not possible because when we go out we consume junk food with high levels of fat and sugar, refined flours, and processed or ultraprocessed foods that are harmful to health. is feasible, "said the trainee. Mariana Acebal (MN 4838), nutritionist at the Center of Ravenna.

a healthy eating is one that contains a large variety of nutrient-rich foods selected from the five basic groups: vegetables and fruits, meats and eggs, oils and fats, dairy and flour and cereals. In addition, it should be low in fat and moderate in sugars and sodium.

Many people mistakenly believe that "healthy" equals dried salads and steamed chicken breasts. However, the key is to prioritize the tastes and make room for the "waste" that are worth.

The experts' recommendations:

1- Say "no" to the famous bread maker one of the main complications when it comes to sitting down to eat at a restaurant. Having the willpower to tell the waiter to remove it or even bring it from the start is key. When we have something in front it is difficult to resist, we did not find the limit and we finished more.

2- Pre-organize a snack to better control your appetite. When attending restaurants, bars or social events where there are usually unhealthy options, it is advisable to have a snack in advance in order to better control the appetite. Acebal recommends first take a broth or vegetable soup to have more satiety.

"Having a good diet outside the home is feasible, it is always good to season the salads with oil, lemon, vinegar or aceto rather than already comes previously experienced. In addition, it is recommended to take a broth or vegetable soup before the meal to have more satiety, "said the expert.

3- In general, the dishes in the restaurants are usually very large. In these cases, a great alternative is share them Sharing a dish is a great way to keep portions or even try one more dish. It is important to aim for a balanced meal that provides vegetables, some proteins and some carbohydrates in the mix.

According to the establishment, the advice to be implemented may vary. In the case of restaurants with an à la carte menu, an alternative is to not look at the options that serve to avoid temptations and opt directly for:

As main course (choose from the following options):

– Salad with tuna or seafood

– Loin or steak with sausage

– Sushi (between 8 and 12 pieces)

– Omelet with ham and cheese.

-Salt choice raw and seasoned to taste with oil, lemon or vinegar.

As a garnish, it is advisable not to order crushed or grilled vegetables because they usually have oil or butter. For dessert, you can choose a cup of unsweetened fruit salad or 1 fresh fruit or 1 coffee or 1 herbal tea.

In bars and food shops "by weight"

In the case of bars or law firms, Acebal recommends avoiding fried foods. Instead, it is proposed to decide between any of the following options:

– 1 cheese omelette and egg

– 1 hamburger on the plate

– 2 slices of cheese + 2 slices of ham + 1 boiled egg

– 1 grilled steak

– Grated carrot with egg

If the meeting occurs in a local food by weight, the recommended is to assemble the tray of a selection among these foods:

– Varied, raw or steamed vegetables (not sauces or breads)

– Grilled meat or chicken

– Legumes, rice or quinoa


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