Thursday , October 21 2021

Everyone who logged in to Fallout 76 before 2019 will receive three free games from the PC saga for free


If you were thinking about making Fallout 76 next year or have a copy of this game and have not yet run it, you may be interested in making your visit to Appalachia: all that log in to Fallout Online before 2019, you will receive three free games of the saga for free.

The package Classic Fallout Collection, included in this promotion, consists of the original Fallout of 1997, its sequel and Fallout Tactics. It is usually valued at 19.99 euros, although with Steam discounts you can buy it for 5.99 euros.

Of course, as stated on twitterif you play Fallout 76 before the end of 2018, Bethesda itself gives it to you.


Anyone who has logged into the full version of Fallout76 during 2018 will receive a Fallout Classic Collection for PC license.

And be careful, this promotion covers any platform, so PC gamers Xbox One and PS4 who have stuck their heads through the door of the shelter – or have walked the premises – will receive this batch of classic Fallouts.


According to Bethesda, the sending of Classic Fallout Collection players will take place in early January without specifying the date. We do not know if you planned to give – or donate – Fallout 76 for Christmas, but with the Maryland promotion you win four games for the price of one.

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