Eugenia Tobal spoke of her support for André in a fight with Cabré


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Eugenia Tobal spoke of the eloquent tweet she wrote to Arnaldo André after the actor harshly criticized her previous relationship with Nicolás Cabré. "I never understood why he joined so many quilombo, I did not see or hear, but they started writing for me saying that they had talked very well about me and said nice things," the actress began em Ten.
"Besides, I really love him and we have a beautiful relationship.I do not know exactly what he said, but I know what he went through and it's true.It took me to say it because I love him.Then I called him go eat and go to the theater, "continued Tobal. "(The message) does not have any kind of double intention or anything, and the conjectures that others can make are not my problem," added the actress. "I do not want to talk about it, which for me is already super retro." (The conflict) was solved immediately after what happened, and we have a true friendship relationship, I am in favor of things being spoken and arranged. , friendship, in everything, "he added. The actress posted on Twitter "I LOVE YOU @andrearnaldo MUCHO" after the actor gave a spicy interview on Intruders. "I was very, very close to Eugenia, a good friend." They were married, and with that, Eugenia was no longer the same, her hugs were not the same and the same when we talked in the theater. taken, I think it was the one that hurt me the most, "André said.
"After I went to Paraguay, I saw in the magazines everything that had happened between them and as soon as I arrived, I called her, she explained everything to me and I explained what was mine. .


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