Esmeralda Miter explained why she will not go to the program Mirtha – 09/01/2019


Before making a trip to Australia, where you will find a "close friend", Esmeralda Miter left a bomb against Mirtha Legrand: "I'm not going to your show anymore"he said.

In a note from Mar del Plata with Intruders (America, from Monday to Friday at 1:30 p.m.) city to which she traveled to participate as sponsor of the premiere of El show del Ángel, the actress explained the real reasons for such a drastic decision..

After taking hundreds of pictures on the Rivadavia boardwalk and greeting the fans who came to him, he replied no hairs on his tongue when they asked if he would go to the Mirtha Legrand program in Mar del Plata.

"No, I do not feel good, it's all good, but I do not like going any more, I've been like eight times and I got bored with bad manners and being censored when I say. If I'm going to be censured, I will not. And as I have already censured and I had a really bad time, I will not go back"

As for whether she received a call from La Chiqui after the last conflict they had in the air, Esmeralda clarified that "Mirtha apologized for a friend of my mother's. I would have expected him to apologize and I was very happy to apologize. But not him"he clarified.

In another sense, the actress and singer referred to the trip to Australia, in which you will meet an "intimate friend". "I'm going on vacation to my best friend," he said with a laugh, knowing that the chronicler did not believe he was just a friend.

He also speculated about a possible incursion into politics. "I'd come in at some point, but It would have to be a new party.. Always do good, since I consider politics as an act of service to the country"He explained.


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