Enable "Flock" Phones That Rape A Girl In Miramar | Chronic


Mobile phones of the five prisoners for sexual abuse of a 14-year-old teenager at Miramar's El Duranzo camp will begin scrutinizing on Monday for text and images that may provide evidence for the cause.

The works will be carried out during this day in the Technical Assistant of the Instruction, dependent of the Attorney General of Mar del Plata.

The investigations will search the phones for messages and cross images between the detainees in order to obtain elements to advance the investigation of the act of abuse committed in the dawn of the New Year in the camp located at kilometer 1 of the provincial route 11 in Miramar.

In the scope of the case, they are detained in the prison of Buenos Aires. Batán Lucas Pitman, Emanuel Díaz, Tomás Jaime, Roberto Costa and Juan Cruz Villalba, which were already investigated by the prosecution Florencia Salas, before whom they stated that there was no sexual abuse.

Last Friday, the teenager who reported the attack declared in the chamber of Gesell, contained by
a psychologist.

On Tuesday, the chemical analyzes of the kidnapped clothing are scheduled to begin, and on January 10, toxicological tests are scheduled.

First, the biological material that can be found on clothing will be analyzed and, if found, will undergo a DNA comparison.

The incident occurred in the early hours of January 1, when the victim was housed with her parents in a camp bungalow while the five young men were camped in a wooded area.

After the New Year's toast, the teen's mother noticed her absence and began to look for her on the spot, until she found her in a tent next to the young men, allegedly drunk, according to the report.

The woman called the police and made the judicial presentation at the Miramar police station, after which the suspects were arrested and their personal belongings were abducted, a white van in which they were deployed and an igloo tent.

The first tests confirmed that the adolescent had vaginal lesions compatible with sexual abuse.


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