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Emiliano Sala's girlfriend says: "The soccer people around her did not take care of her"

Berenice Schkair he says in a broken voice: "Since Emi disappeared, I'm in a nightmare, like I'm in a series of terror".

"Emi" is Emiliano Sala, the Argentine player from Nantes that Cardiff bought for almost 20 million dollars. Berenice is the 26-year-old girl who since the middle of last year has had a relationship with the footballer. And the bad dream, the series of terror in which it feels immersed, has a first and dramatic chapter when the airplane in which the Room of France flew to Wales disappeared of the radars while crossing the Channel.

The girl, born in the western region of the province of Buenos Aires, met him when Emiliano Sala made a comment on the Instagram. She had posted a story about the happiness she felt when she met Paris with her mother Roxana and her grandmother Olga. And the striker said he was in Nantes, only an hour and a half away. They agreed to meet.

Now Berenice Schkair speaks with emotion Infobae those days when they met.

"We were a man and a woman who were single. we started having a relationship. But we were not dating, we were getting to know each other …, "he says.

"Everything was very special. Maybe it was fate ... Because we had traveled alone for three days to Paris, but my grandmother, who is 88 years old, had a stroke and I had to stay for a month and a half. It was seen that I had to know … So we met, he was very affectionate and offered to accompany me in what I needed with my grandmother, but the consulate and the embassy were already helping us, "he says.

When Berenice returned to Buenos Aires, she continued to talk to Emiliano every day. Warm, familiar, discreet, gentleman, he told her that he had struggled hard to fulfill his dream. "He has no faults, he is a healthy and humble boy … My friends told me You're frozen with everyone you fell in love with this boy & # 39;", reveals.

And this clarifies: "I do not want to speak in the past, I have the hope that he will appear, that he be alive, where, on an island, I feel, like his family, that he can not have disappeared."

The young woman, who helps in the two family businesses she inherited when her father died three years ago – a pet store and a laundry she drives with her brother – is thrilled when she says with Emiliano they agreed on everything("we loved the vegetable soup"), the trainings ("even when we were on vacation he told me" I have to train because then I lost the rhythm "and I ran an hour"), the TV series and family life

"In December, Emi invited me to spend the holidays, to be with him in Nantes. It was a relationship that was just beginning, but everything was an illusion, that love of principle that is so special … But everything turned into tragedy. And if I feel this way, imagine for the family what it is like to lose a child, a brother … ", she says and cries.

And start spilling everything he feels.

"Emiliano is a very good person who does not deserve what he is thinking, who knows him for it, because in Europe he is one of the best players and no one knew him here, how unfair it all is!"

"There are many things, many dreams that I talked to him, the things he told me … He told me that he had not seen the family for a long time, that he missed them, that he could not travel the holidays, her sister just had a three-month-old baby, which Emi could not find", smash.

"I was there in France until January 1 and I came back because I knew Emi would be very busy with the pass theme, the idea was to see us again in March. He told me that it would be in full January and February, he had many games, the transfer market and he was very lonely there. And it's all crap that is not understood … There are very dark spots"

Berenice regrets a tweet she wrote in which she asked: "Investigate the football mafia."

"The tweet that I put in and then deleted was on impulse, I felt there was something strange, dark, but I have no information on anything, the only thing I felt was that if a plane disappears from the face of the earth, two people disappear and nobody wants to look for them and everything is covered is something strange … I do not know, it was something that left my heart but then I repented because I do not have the absolute truth of it, "he says and closes the subject.

With emphasis, he clarifies that his only contribution is to try, through networks and means, to continue looking for Emiliano and the pilot: "That the question does not come out, that it does not end in nothing, because I see that the days go by and there are no news, my little grain of sand is to contribute to keep talking until the truth is said or something happens."

She says that she contacted the player's family through Instagram from the first moment, who introduced herself as a friend and who, as they did not know her "I understand the susceptibility that can exist at such a delicate time". He clarifies that he has made himself available and offered to travel to help them in the search, if necessary.

"You have to investigate, a lot of things are being considered and the information is very diffuse: it is not known if there were two on the plane, if there were three, you do not know why the other pilot did not board, because Emi sent that audio to the plane , you do not know where the plane is, why not look for more, why the two clubs do not take charge, why they put a plane that was not in condition … There are many why they need answers. "

The audio he refers to is what the player sent to a group of friends on the plane saying he was afraid: "If they do not hear from me in an hour and a half, I do not know if they're going to send someone to look for me because they will not find me, but you know … Dad, I'm so scared."

What happened when you heard the audio?ask Infobae.

It was his voice, but it's weird … I do not want to talk about audio. I think he was scared or … ah, I do not know! It's very difficult because if the audio scared him, was premonitory… The friends who received him also recognize his voice, but they say that he made this kind of joke, that there is nothing strange, that was a joke … For me it was horrible, something you can not believe.

"Was Emiliano worried?"

I saw him happy for Christmas and New Year. The end of the year dinner was spent at a friend's house in Nantes. Emi told me that he was very excited to go to the Premier League, that he really liked English football, as they played. This was a dream I was fulfilling. It does not deserve to happen what is happening, that they leave lying down, that nobody puts the face, everything is horrible.

"How did you find out about the disappearance of the flight?"

-When I got up last Tuesday at WhatsApp I had two messages from my best friends who sent me the picture of the TV where they were breaking the news. Desperately, I turned on the TV and saw that they said that the plane that was going to Emiliano Sala had disappeared and that they thought he was dead …

Through tears, she remembers that her mother came to the apartment to accompany her. And that it "exploded".

"I had not talked to him for two days, he did not tell me anything, he did not tell me what he was doing. I was quieter. He did not tell me he was going to catch the plane, who was going to Cardiff, how he made the change … It could be super private things that he did not want to talk to me about, but I communicated with his friends and he did not talk much with they, "he says.

"I can not understand how a player of his level was so alone, he should have a representative to accompany him 24 hours, a lawyer, someone who was by his side, they did not take care of him, the football people around him did not care his" .

"Was it tragedy, chance, destiny?"

-All together. I want to think it was an accident but then I feel like they were a series of irresponsibilities that led to this horror.

– Responsibilities of whom? Do you want to give names?

– Irresponsibility is a bit of all. Why the pilot was there if he did not have the right license, why Emi says he feels the plane is wrong, but it goes up the same, why they send a ship in bad condition, why take off with that time? He did not take care of him if they had bought a player of that level.

-The Cardiff says he offered him a line flight but that he had combined with Jack McKay, the young attacker who is the son of two people who participated in the transfer of Sala, to make this flight in the letter.

"The club could have offered it, but I think they should have put a person who is with him and help him, even if he is a translator Emi does not speak English! And they let him go on a flight, with a pilot who only spoke English, and from whom they found nothing. If they were careful, they would have put someone from the club to help him. Everything is very strange.

– Room was used for private flights?

"No, I always fly the line or the flights that put the club.

When he talks about Private Research Reopened, the support of players from all clubs, his voice changes. There is hope … And then he says:

"I hope he is alive, that he appears Where? On an island. I no longer feel that he is no longer with us and I think the family is the same. It is tremendous because we want to be realistic, but hope is not lost because we find nothing. I'm going to keep thinking I have to look until something comes up, because Emi is missing. "

"Many players have contributed with donations, many people have joined the cause, there are people committed to keep looking, we have to find them, this needs to have a happy ending for me."

Berenice Schkair gets angry when she remembers that the official operation was suspended after 72 hours.

"On the third day they canceled everything because they said they could not find anything, I do not understand how they could leave them when there were so many places to look."

"You say the police did not look enough?"

"It seems to me that there was no interest because it was a private plane and it was not aI think it influenced a little bit. There was no pressure from the authorities, so we demanded that Macri send an order to resume the search … because nobody seemed interested in getting lost, that there is a family that is suffering, that there are friends waiting for her. It's all very frivolous and cruel. The only thing they said was that they would not find anyone else alive.

"Do you think Cardiff and Nante did not press for the search to continue?"

Cardiff did nothing, washed his hands. Nantes was a little more committedbecause Emi has friends and many people who love him.

– It costs us to understand why no one came out to face and talk, but hey, maybe that's how they are treated there.

"What do you think, now, when you're still looking for him, the battle for pass money came about?"

-This is football. Actually, I do not understand what these people think. It's awfully cruel. Everyone has their interests: we are interested in Emi, they are interested in money.

"The search continues, to help us continue to find him, because there are many people who love Emiliano – and the pilot – who are suffering today.

– That they are responsible, that the investigation is done, that does not end up covered. If this is so terrible, the family will have to investigate completely and knock on many doors. But if Emi appears to me, the only thing that will matter to me is that he realizes his dream and goes back to playing football.

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