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Elimination of the Secretary of Sports: Rial hit the athletes who defended the DNU

He described them as "mediocre copypaste", advocates of the creation of the Agency that allowed the privatization of the sport.

January 30, 2019

Jorge Rial he hit the athletes who copied and pasted the same troll message on their Twitter accounts to defend the creation, through the Decree of Necessity and Urgency, of the Sports Agency, which degrades and privatizes activity in the country.

"It is good that each one of them thinks what is sung in this grave," the journalist tweeted and added "but at least it is something original, a stupidity, but of his harvest. mediocre copypaste defending the closure of the sports secretary. They are like boludos. Nothing Eo "


This Wednesday was published in the Official Gazette a decree of need and necessity with the president's signature Mauricio Macri where the Sports Department is degraded to Agency.

The measure was soon criticized, but the PRO, neither slow nor lazy, Rushing to launch a media campaign with athletes in social networks to justify the decision.

Different clubs, such as Las Leonas and sports personalities like Noel Barrionuevo –member of Las Leonas-, Horacio Agulla -ex-cougar player and Philppe Oudinot (the latter also employees of the former Secretariat) They tweeted exactly the same, defending the government's decision.

"The creation of the Agency is positive for the sport and a qualitative leap for the athletes, now it will be faster to raise scholarships and subsidies and, for the first time, the provinces will be able to participate in these decisions!", They said. They did not change a word and it was replicated in their social media accounts.

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