Friday , October 22 2021

Eliminated from Dancing 2019: Leticia Brédice and Luciana Salazar were saved by a rule change


A surprise change in the ShowMatch rules allowed Luciana Salazar and Leticia Brédice continue in Dancing 2019, despite being sentenced to the duel on the phone.

Finally, Tinelli announced that this instance was null as both figures will continue in the contest, thanks to the production decision to incorporate Dancing to eight or ten pairs.

"What we mean is that the two will continue in the contest. They will continue in the contest because we will incorporate more couples and it seems very unfair that two big figures, one has to go, "argued the pilot.

"I do not know when it will end. I think that in May of next year we are already saying goodbye, "he added.

Before closing the program, Tinelli wanted to know details of decompensation that Salazar suffered in the duel. "He was very doubtful of his fainting," Tinelli said. "I never said it was a faint, that's what the media said. I said I was dizzy, I put the pressure down," Luli explained.

"Today Dr. Furman told me that I replaced the first vertebra. It would have been easier for me to say if I was lost and I avoided all the bad comments, "Salazar said.

Luli Salazar

Luli Salazar

At the beginning of ShowMatch, Tinelli had already anticipated the decision by sliding "How will some couples be incorporated?, we are evaluating, there is an evaluation committee that is determining if there is elimination or not tonight, because eight couples will enter, "commented the ShowMatch driver at the beginning of the program.

"This is not fair for those who have to go today, because? How do I have to go so that among others"Three major lawyers are currently working on whether or not there is elimination," Marcelo joked.

Therefore, was suspended for more than an hour the elimination of Monday, which had condemned Salazar and Brédice.

"Between eight or ten couples. We believe there will be nine couples. And that's why we were evaluating that a couple are leaving today, that's a bit unfair, "was Fede Hoppe's comment to support the decision announced by Tinelli.

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