Eleven people undergoing eye surgery had the same tragic end


Starr presented on October 12 to a laser surgery with the Lasik SMILE method. A month later, he shared an update on his Facebook profile, in which he said he was "still struggling" to recover.

"The doctor said it could take about three months until I feel 100% okay"said the meteorologist, who asked for suggestions to overcome the discomfort in his eyes and pain." If you have any recommendations I will thank you because I'm trying to be strong and overcome this"he added.

Meanwhile, in Ontario, Canada, Paul Fitzpatrick's parents claim that his son took his life after dealing 20 years with side effects of laser eye surgery to which he underwent.

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Paul Fitzpatrick suffered from severe eye pain

Paul Fitzpatrick suffered from severe eye pain

Starr's family discovered that the meteorologist had suffered from corneal neuralgia, which affected the cornea and caused unbearable pain.

In fact, a group of patients formed an association called Lasik Complications to support all cases where postoperative pain becomes unsustainable.

Paula Cofer, the leader of the group, said there were 11 cases that tragically ended by telling Starr and Fitzpatrick.


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