Eduardo Feinmann criticized the Collective Actresses and labeled them opportunists


The journalist Eduardo Feinmann harshly criticized the actions of the Collective Actrices and aroused the controversy.

After the conference organized by a group of actresses to present the complaint for violation of Thelma Fardín, the journalist Eduardo Feinmann Once again generated controversy, sharing his views on the actions of the Collective Actresses.

The journalist, in his program of A 24, criticized the "Collective of actresses", which, somehow, treated the opportunists. "I do not like the use of a tragedy to bring water to his political and personal mills, that's what it seemed to me," he said.

"I support the claim of all women, but I do not follow the collective of the abortion actresses.I would have liked that at the conference, they were accompanying in silence.I think they did a show with a tragedy of a young woman who had her on the verge of a stage, small with their suffering, while others laughed and sang the anthem of abortion. Eduardo Feinmann.

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