Earthquake expert predicts "megaquake" at Christmas


An independent earthquake researcher who claims to have predicted some of the world's worst earthquakes by analyzing the geometric positions of the sun, moon and various planets

issued a terrible warning.

Frank Hoogerbeets, a Dutch self-described "mystical earthquake" with world cult followers, says a rare cosmic event that will take place over the Christmas period can trigger a megaquake measuring up to 8 on the Richter scale.

"A very critical planetary configuration on December 21, 2018 will probably trigger a major earthquake between December 21 and 25, 2018," Hoogerbeets wrote in his popular site Ditrianum.

"The current estimate is of high magnitude 7 to 8. This is a very timely warning because many people all over the world are already planning their Christmas holidays. "

Hoogerbeets is credited with having predicted some of the biggest earthquakes in the world and last month warned that Earth would be hit by a major problem in the first week of December.


The devotees say that the forecast was manifested – albeit a few days earlier – in the form of the Alaskan earthquake, which occurred on November 30 and caused massive and widespread structural damage.

Hoogerbeets said that the event and the earthquake in Indonesia before that were the result of the gravitational pull exerted by Venus, Uranus, Neptune and Mars on Earth, with "seismic agitation" increasing in leadership until December 21.

Seismologists routinely dismiss their work as misleading and unscientific, arguing that there is no precise method of predicting earthquakes.

A YouTube video explaining the impending cosmic event had more than 10,000 views.

Mr. Hoogerbeets's Dodrianum Facebook page, which features regular updates of the "earthquake clock", has seen an increase in popularity in recent months, amassing about 20,000 members.

Ditrianum is described as a non-profit organization "with a primary focus on seismic activity based on electromagnetic disturbances caused by planetary geometry."


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