During the school trip, a 9-year-old girl fell from the fourth floor of a hotel – 11/24/2018


A 9-year-old student fell from the fourth floor of a hotel in Santa Fe and was put on intensive treatment with leg and pelvis fractures, while the researchers believe the incident was caused by somnambulism.

Originally from the city of Reconquista, the youngest boy fell last Thursday, around two in the morning, from the window of a hotel room located at the intersection of 25 de Mayo with Cortada Falucho, where she was staying with her classmates at school with whom I shared a study trip.

At that time, a man circling in the area witnessed the fall of a height of 18 meters and warned the authorities.

The girl was rushed to the Orlando Children's Hospital, Alassia, where she was hospitalized in a serious but compensated condition. "Gifts fracture exposed tibia and left fibula, pelvis and sacrum. He also suffered a bilateral pneumothorax. We would have to wait if other types of injuries arose, "explained Osvaldo González Carrillo, director of the medical center.

One of the hypotheses that the researchers deal with is that they may have had an episode of sleepwalking. In this regard, Carrillo explained that "is within the possibilities" because "the somnambulist can make any kind of movement is not conscious."

According to the portal ONE Santa Fe, the girl was part of a contingent of students from a school in the city of Reconquista. He arrived in the city on Wednesday to make guided tours, spend the night in the city and make a trip to Rosario on Thursday of the incident.


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