Due to low sales, Apple will revive an iPhone that is no longer manufactured – IMPULSE


Just a few weeks ago, Apple released three new iPhone models: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

But it seems that demand was lower than expected in all its models, and the company is trying to find a way to improve that.

IPhone X returns

So it may surprise that Apple is about to revive the defunct iPhone X, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The iPhone X had stopped manufacturing so as not to compete with the new offering, but reviving it at a lower price than the XS might be a good strategy for Apple.

In addition, the company is looking for ways to subsidize prices for the XR iPhone, which is more economical than the new range, which did not have the expected sales.

Although Apple is still a player of less weight and sales than expected, it does not jeopardize its privileged position in the premium smartphone market.

The giant has announced that it will no longer say how many cellphones it sells, which also shows that it no longer expects to have unit registrations, but focuses more on profitability.

The iPhone X may be back soon, and at a price that, for many, will be a good choice for the iPhone XS.


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