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Dollar today: the blue mark on a record and breach with the official will be at $ 4 (per highest pre-sectoral demand)

"As we get closer to the elections, we will see bad pressure on the dollar, so it was predictable this rise in the informal plaza", describing a source of the market.

With the rise of this market, the breach of the parallel billet with the minority official dollar has expanded and llegó casi $ 4 (+ 6.6%), but most important in one month, there are many of the spreads recorded in times of Kirchnerist time (around 50%).

At the tables, in every way, remarcan "The blue seems to have been awakened" in the last four crashes (accumulating $ 3.75 or 4.4% over this period), it is likely that "it will continue to be prayed over the MEP or CCL dollar, so deep." $ 10,000 a month, "something discarded the next morning by Hacienda Minister Hernán Lacunza.

In this sense, market analysts consider that "Today I am bound to be able to continue buying at the official level at the best price." I also think that, except for the National Bank, the rest of the banks I have been climbing the dollar, increasing to a lesser extent than the parallel.

On the other hand, in the financial markets the dollar "counted with liquid" – which arises from the purchase of bonds or shares, and its subsequent sale abroad to make currency – rose 66 cents (1%) to $ 69.31.

In consequence, the gap between the so-called dollar cable and the mayorist official quotation extended to 18,8%.

In turn, the MEP dollar the stock exchange 84 cents to $ 67.43, which implied a spread of 16.6% against the price of the MULC.

You lie so much, the minority dollar went up 10 cents to $ 60.53 , according to the promission of the main financial entities, which is relevant to the Central Bank (BCRA).

In the National Bank, the currency is stable at $ 59.50, which in the electronic channel was achieved by $ 59.45.

"The foreign exchange market has continued to operate from the beginning of the same way, with the Central Bank selling dollars to provide liquidity and will have to pay for at least 25 days before the election to ensure certain 'stability'. from the motto ", Fernando Izzo, trader of the Sliding Exchange Market.

Agregó that the foreign exchange market is "chaired by banks, companies and investors, who buy (in dollars) for hedges by swapping positions of weight and saliendo of (letters) 'Leliq' and other titles and paid off abroad."

Then, in the Single Market and Libre of Exchange (MULC), the American currency ascended to the cents The $ 58.35.

Lastly, the minority billet operating from the following operates in the different banks and agencies of the city:

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