Dollar today: surpasses US $ 39 and rises country risk – 12/14/2018


The dollar rises again this Friday, following the footsteps of the currencies of the rest of the region. Currency advanced 39 cents, to US $ 39.19, according to the Central Bank average. It is the second consecutive increase and the highest amount so far this month. On Thursday, it closed at $ 38.80.

Meanwhile, in the wholesale market, where banks and companies operate, and serves as a guide for the retailer, up 45 cents to $ 38.27. It is an increase of more than 1%.

The rise of the dollar is replicated in the main markets of Latin America: in Brazil and Mexico, it rises 0.6%, while in Chile it advances 0.9%. The dollar rises globally after weak data on industrial production and retail sales in China.

Country risk, in turn, rises 3.48% to 773 basis points, as a consequence of a further decline in sovereign bonds abroad.

Country risk is an indicator that indicates how many more tax points Argentina must pay for loans compared to US Treasury bills, which are supposed to be the safest. The more country risk increases, the more distrust investors have over Argentina's ability to pay.


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