Dollar today: reverses the decline and stable quotations – 12/11/2018


After the strong rise on Monday, and amid a widespread decline in the region, the dollar started the day in decline, but with an hour of closing, reversed the trend and remains stable at US $ 38.60 at Banco Nación.

At the wholesaler, where banks, large companies and the Central Bank the currency rises 4 cents to $ 37.72In the region the dollar, in most countries, the dollar has weakened.

On Monday, far from relying on the trade truce between China and the US, the markets bet on a real war and which impacted by generalized falls in the Stock Exchanges and another increase in the dollar. Thus, the dollar rose 0.5% in Mexico, 0.6% in Brazil and 0.3% in Chile.

In Argentina, it rose 45 cents to $ 38.75. In turn, the Central Bank validated a slight increase in the Leliq rate, at 59.60% per annum, and placed US $ 121.663 million. The maximum attributed rate was 59.60% and the minimum rate was 56.998%.

"External factors are again complicating the evolution of the dollar that is abandoning a stability panorama laboriously developed by the economic and goes through a period of ups and downs which does not end to clearly define a trend for the next few days, "maintained Gustavo Quintana, of PR Changing Runners.

For the ABC Foreign Exchange, "the wholesale dollar rose again showing that concern of traders takes into account risk aversion due to fears of a worsening trade dispute between the US. and China. "

Country Risk, as measured by JP Morgan, also grew to 742 units. The stock market fell 1.48% to the compass of the main markets in the world.


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