Dollar retreats at the end of the week | Chronic


The dollar fell 0.36% on Friday, closing at $ 38.30 per unit and accumulating drop of 1.26% in the week, in a context of greater supply of currency and greater demand for pesos in the market.

The dollar closed at US $ 37.40, down 0.8% on Thursday, with revenues of US $ 719 million.

In the auction ended by the Central Bank, US $ 159,754 million were granted, with a monetary expansion of US $ 31,221, due to the fact that the expected maturity date was US $ 189.62 million. Within this framework, the maximum rate was 59.70% and the minimum rate was 58%.

The Economist Christian Buteler He noted that in the week were $ 718,711 million and that the Central Bank absorbed $ 41.8 billion, granting a total of Leliq of $ 769,309 million. In this way, the stock increased by US $ 50,598 million, in a context in which the average rate was 60.278% on Monday and ended today at 59.16%.


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