Discover the changes that make kids use mobile phones



A study of National Institute of Health of the United States It has revealed that the brains of children who spend many hours in front of cell phones or tablets, undergo considerable changes.

But what brain changes are you talking about? According to the researchers, children accustomed to the frequent and prolonged use of electronic devices show a premature thinning of the cerebral cortex, the organ responsible for processing the information sent to the brain by the five senses.

According to reports, the study was conducted at 21 research centers and involved 11,000 children between 9 and 10 years of age. It should be noted that significant differences were found in those young people who spend more than seven hours a day in front of the devices.

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Although scientists have explained that thinning of the cerebral cortex is considered an aging process, they can not confirm that it is harmful. "We still do not know if it's due to the time spent in front of the screens, or if it's a bad thing," he said. Gaya Dowling, one of the researchers.

To this we must add that the results also showed that children who spend more than two hours in front of the screen have worse results in tests of language and reasoning.

Either way, the study will continue and the final results will be known a few years.


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