Discard that the attack on the rabbi is another case of insecurity – 02/27/2019


"We know you're Amia's rabbi," they shouted at him and then hit him. The victim is Gabriel Davidovich, the Chief Rabbinate's chief representative since 2013. On Monday morning, they entered his home at Eleven, beat him brutally and also took money and belongings. The rabbi remains hospitalized, accompanied by his family.

About the reason for the aggression, Davidovich – since 2013 he is the maximum representative of AMIA – has no clues or suspicions. "It could have been an assault or a political issue … I do not know if it was an anti-Semitic attack," Davidovich said in an interview with Reuters. Clarin.

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Despite the rabbi's doubts, The researchers advance in two hypotheses: an anti-Semitic message or a personal revenge. They already discard that it is just a steal. "One of the lines of investigation that follows points to the possibility of an attack ordered by a possible revenge for the annulment of a marriage that would have been a decision taken some time ago by the rabbi attacked," reported La Nación newspaper.

"They made intelligence about him and attacked him brutally, not a crime case," said a source who is aware of the investigation.

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According to the medical diagnosis, Davidovich has nine ribs cracked and a pneumothorax occurred, product of the savage beating of two of the four thieves who entered – it is deduced that by the terrace – to his house of three floors. In addition to the bruises on the face and head, a CT scan found no sequels or complications. He will be admitted to the Argentine Diagnostic Institute by Thursday or Friday as he evolves.

Conviction of violence and request for investigation

Authorities in Argentina and Israel repudiated Davidovich's beating during the robbery at his home and considered it an anti-Semitic act.

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President Mauricio Macri said in his Twitter account that Davidovich – 62 years old – "He has the support of the government to recover from his serious injuries and find those responsible".

For his part, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered his support to the spiritual representative and called the act an anti-Semitic aggression, condemned the "recent acts" against the Jews in the world and urged the international community to "act against them." "of these aggressions.

DAIA, for its part, called on the relevant authorities to investigate the case, which is part of the anti-Semitic events taking place in different European countries, which threaten the coexistence and democratic values ​​of society.

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