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Diego Reinhold after leaving the cell phone of "Flor de Verano": "400 pesos toll and naphtha I paid to come here"

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January 31, 2019

The artist was annoyed when asked about his time at Dancing and chose to leave the interview.

Diego Reinhold after leaving the cell phone of

Diego Reinhold I was giving a note usually Villa Carlos Paz for the driving program Florence from V called "Summer flower", which is transmitted on the channel City Magazine.

In the middle of the note, a series of questions about your Dancing They generated that the interviewee was visibly uncomfortable and decided to leave the cell phone.

"When you were in the Dancing It was a controversial year for you, you were very much in the eye of the storm. You fought with everyone. You fought with Nacha Guevara and with Angel De Brito", the journalist commented "Pampito" Perello.

In the young man's observation, Reinhold I ask you: "Why controversial? Angel? Do not understand" and the interviewer did not hesitate to answer: "Yes with Ángel de Brito and with Nacha Guevara You fought. Or am I crazy?.

The new pastime of Flor de la V on the beaches of Mar del Plata

It was then that the comedian got up and left while off the ground "Pampito" he checked the information he had released in the fury of the actor. However, he instantly returned, picked up the microphone and stated, "I've spent 400 pesos of naphtha and toll to come here, so no, guys, that's it.I came here to be treated well".

"What a little tolerance … We do not treat badly, we ask. If there is something I do not like, they are disrespectful people on television. I try not to be and my motto is that everything can be done while it is with respect, "concluded the journalist.

During the summer season, the Diego Reinhold is doing the comedy show "Reinhold Concentrated" in Cordoba. On the other hand, it is also responsible for managing "Between her and me", the work they star Sebastian Presta and Soledad García.

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