Diego Maradona denied rumors about his health: "I'm not dying"


Millions of Argentines were alerted when a version of Diego Maradona's health began to circulate. In the last few hours, a rumor has claimed that the ten had Alzheimer's. His lawyer, Matías Morla, had to deny this. But it was Maradona who put an end to everything. "I'm not dying, with that he is not fucked, "he said in a video he sent to his account on Instagram.

"They lie, they lie, they talk about Alzheimer's disease and they do not know what it means, the word Alzheimer's is fucked up, people with Alzheimer's are dying, I'm not dying, these kids know who, they play it to create confusion. And I'm not confused.. This is not know how to do journalism. You want to take the shortest route and want to hit the other. I did not, I won the first place playing football, "said Maradona in the video, which has a duration of 59 seconds.

Morla was the first to deny the versions about the disease. "The medical studies that were done for Diego they gave no indication in that sense, "explains the text that the lawyer published in his personal account on Twitter.

He added: "I will not doubt the honesty of the media or journalists, but of course this is a version propagated by a malicious source who seeks only to generate conflicts"Maradona presented a few weeks ago a" dream cure "for therapeutic purposes.

"There are cases, such as psychotic disorders, psychomotor excitations, decompensation, cases of excessive consumption, where the patient is agitated, excited and sedation is necessary as a treatment because if it does not end up being a risk for himself or for third parties," he explained. he TN.com.ar Dr. Rodrigo Archain (MN 130.281), specialist in Psychiatry, in the examinations carried out in Maradona.


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