Sunday , June 20 2021

Diego Latorre's hard criticism of Cholo Simeone for his "pragmatism"

Diego Simeone it does not pass through its best moment in the Atletico Madrid. Despite being the second in The league, 5 points from Barcelona, and plan the round of 16 gives Champions League in front of Juventus, O Mattress was hit by surprise elimination in the King's Cup before the Girona.

"Sometimes it plays well and it does not happen … I'd rather play badly and always pass", slipped the Cholo in the press conference after the meeting with the Catalan team that marked his farewell.

The phrase generated a stir in Spain and the distance, Diego Latorre he took the coach's axiom as a reference and wrote in his account Twitter their arguments to criticize this philosophy.

"If you prefer to play badly and pass, you would have to ask why you did not move to the next instance. The result is not chosen, it is a desire. The mistakes worked well in the psyche of the peoplethat is why the empty speeches. No one questions them. Of course, for this you have to think, "said the analyst.

Besides that, Gambetita He mentioned Jorge Valdano, an authoritative word in the most popular sport on the planet for his experience as a player, coach and manager. "I'd rather play badly and win tirelessly by repeating the apostles of pragmatism." The association is unlawful: No one wins by playing poorly, but despite playing badly"wrote the old Mouth taking the declarations of the world champion.

However, in one of his latest publications Tower He tried to lessen the intensity of his comment by stating that "Simeone is a good trainer, sorry for his speech, could collaborate with their opinions to accept that everyone wins and loses and get away from the winner pose (also in defeat) how much he made us ".

On opposite paths in his football vision, Tower rekindled an old discussion that in our country was defined between Bilardismo it's him Mythology. A question that today was disputed by technicians of the caliber of Guardiola, Mourinho, Simeone, Zidane and even own Marcelo Gallardo.

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