Did he lie to us all? They claim that Meghan Markle married pregnant


There was a controversial theory that Meghan Markle was pregnant when she married Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle hid in her veil the fabric of the blue dress she wore for her first date with Harry

In the last hours the portal of "Cosmopolitan UK" published a theory according to which the American actress Meghan Markle She was pregnant when she got married. Prince Harry England.

According to this publication, during Princess Eugenia's marriage to Meghan You could already see signs of being pregnant for months, not just a few weeks. Until then, according to the "experts" Meghan I was already four months pregnant.

Only a few days later, the rumor began to grow strongly within the royal family, and only a few days later Meghan and Harry They announced that they were expecting their first baby.

If this theory is true, Meghan and Harry they will have their baby much earlier than expected. For now, the date of birth is a big question …

Source: New Woman

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