Saturday , October 23 2021

Desaf Fortnite: search for geese nests by the river


It's time to look for birds. Well, we may not find any birds, but where there are eggs, there must be a bird to shock them. And a nest, of course …

As part of the 14 Das of Fortnite, we have a number of special challenges that help us achieve Christmas Rewards. For the sixth challenge, Epic asks us find 6 goose nests on the river's edge.

  • What you are looking for are literally some nests with eggs.
  • There are more than 6 nestsin fact, there is more than what we teach here, but you just need to "research" 6.
  • When you find a nest you should approach and click on "Search" to.
  • Only You can "Search" in a nest once, if you get another game nesting and being registered and can not repeat.

Goose nests and where to find them

Remember if There are more than 6 nests. If you want to look for them on your own, as a general rule They are close to areas with water and there is a good concentration of them in the south-southeast areas of the map. If you want to have it easier, do not worry, here you have a picture with some of the nests.

  • Seoro de la Sal: to the west of the area, in one of the meanders of the river, in the gorge where the coast is.
  • Underground Socavn: in the Southeast, near the lake shore which is at the foot of the slope.
  • to the northwest, south of the bridge that crosses the river.
  • Lethal Latifundia: here there two nests. One is near the pond on the south side of the farm, while the other is on the river bank that crosses the north of the area.
  • Oásis Ostentaz: O last two they are, in both cases, in the western part of the desert. Both are in the two oases that exist, one to the northwest of the city and another to the southwest.

Remember that there are many other challenges available in Fortnite's 14 Das, such as the one that asks us to get a small plane and we will go through gold rings. Do not leave one!

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