Del Moro leaves America


The driver will leave the Intratables in two weeks time. The channel of the balls would have tried with a proposal not to be missed.

After ten years of stay in America, Santiago del Moro will leave the cube channel and the Intratables program, in which he presents himself as a pilot.

The information released by the different national media indicates that the journalist sealed his resignation on Tuesday in good terms, after a meeting with executives of the signal.

The sudden exit of the cycle would not be related to any conflict and, according to the sources of the channel, the driver feels that the cycle is finished.

The driver will continue to lead Intratables for the next two weeks, and then take vacations, which were long planned. After that, you will no longer be part of the signal.

"He wants to make entertainment, the strongest offer he has is Telefe for prime time." Angel of Brito. And the reasons for the departure of Santiago Del Moro.

From Del Moro's environment, they ensured that no project with another channel was closed yet. However, for several months there are rumors that the host is being tempted by Telefe, to conduct an entertainment delivery, a proposal that would have seduced Santiago, since he wants to completely escape politics.

"He wants to make entertainment, and the strongest offer he has is Telefe for prime time," announced Ángel de Brito in the middle of this year.


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