Defended by Ulises Jaitt for talking about Natacha's health, Carolina Papaleo made her announcement – 02/27/2019


a Carolina Papaleohis sayings in "The pure true", the cycle of Mauro Viale who was invited last Sunday, are causing problems. There, she talked about the health of Natacha Jaitt is today Ulysses, the media brother died last Saturday, said in "Us in the morning"(The Thirteen) that the data he gave Papaleo they are false, that her sister's health was a private matter and that "a lawsuit has already been filed." A while ago in "Incorrect", the driving cycle Moria Casán to America. Papaleo made its launch.

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In "Incorrect" Papaleo defended what he had stated in the Mauro Viale: "When the doctors who spoke there said that the body is systemic and that she had died in a combination, I realized that they were talking about HIV but the word was not named, so I said:" Why not we say The word "Because if it is not, it is a taboo" Someone who is using substances may not be in their senses, not take care and infect a disease so, that is why I said this, I can not tell you how they came even me in the hammocks "

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So Moria Casán, came out with everything: "Why do you stigmatize yourself the whole time you talk about people's awareness of condom use? Guys, there they want to muddy the court and instead of clarifying, they get dark. "

As for the allegations that Papaleo He said that they did it in networks, Moria He advised, "What they say on the nets has to suck the eggs you do not have, you have become a hermaphrodite and they sucked you in. I do not worry about the timetable or anything, it overcomes the contradiction and the mamarrachismo. please … We need to raise awareness: let's talk about cancer, talk about HIV, talk about condoms …"

So, Papaleo He said, "I'm going to show information about a friend of mine whose daughter was in Tornú", "Natacha came with a photo … She told me she did not die by chance," she said.

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And he continued to expose Papaleo: "In the Tornú, two months ago, Natacha went through a decompensation, precisely because of the disease, much less than (he made a gesture of his mouth closed, probably because of the process he spoke about Ulises Jaitt). He had a cerebral and pulmonary pathology. He did not die by accident. "

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"There are studies that are false, there is a lot of surgery in Natacha and I will not go into that field because it deprived me of my sister's health"he said in" We the Morning " Ulises Jaitt At the same time, he assured that he will sue everyone who talks about his sister's health.

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