De Epuyen asked for help to "be reborn" after hantavirus outbreak


Residents of the city of Epuyén in Chubut have asked the provincial government for urgent assistance to "be reborn and recover" after the outbreak of hantavirus that affected them this season, as reported by of the Bureau of Action and Prevention against the disease which transmits the mouse collargo.

In a letter sent to the governor of the province of Chubut, Mariano Arcioni, the neighbors have asked for subsidies and / or economic aid for people affected by hantavirus, as well as their families, almost all of them with low incomes.

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They also asked that a laboratory is implemented in the locality, so doctors can quickly detect this disease, and greater complexity in health care in the Andean Region: intensive care room, isolation rooms, specific epidemiological training for health personnel and promotion of scientific research in terms of prevention, detection and cure of hantavirus.

In addition, they considered it "extremely the granting of grants and / or subsidies to persons who worked as workers in tourist activity and construction, economic activities that are currently stagnant and which are characteristic of the season. "

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In the letter, the neighbors ask the governor plans to support local microenterprises, priority in the expansion of gas network and housing improvement. They also stated that they consider a community health intervention plan to take care of psychological damage.

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