Daniel Scioli: "I'll be running for president against Cristina or against anyone"


In the coming weeks, begin to define who will compete to be the next president of Argentina. Within Peronism, one of those who have confirmed this intention is the former governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Daniel Scioli. In The wire, the current deputy has guaranteed that he will be a candidate for the Justicialista Party "against who".

"If Cristina Kirchner is running, will you go ahead?" Asked Eduardo van der Kooy. "Yes. I will be a candidate against Cristina or whoever, but mainly against inflation. STEPS are mandatory, "warned the legislator.

Scioli also described that within his political space, the Partido Justicialista, there may be other likely competitors to the top position in politics. "I hope there is a big step. To be president, you have to beat everyone. This is not a personal confrontation, it is fighting for the agenda that is arriving in the country, "he said.

On the 2015 election, in which he lost to Mauricio Macri, the former provincial president of Buenos Aires acknowledged that "there were mistakes", but that he has "Self-criticism and ability".

"In the debate with Macri, I warned what this government would do that promised a" change. "Do not say otherwise: it was the same which generated inflation we have now, "he said.

On the anti-crisis measures launched by Cambiemos administration, Scioli stressed that, although they may have a slight improvement for some people, "they are cyclical" and in their armaments "You see the discomfort of the government."

With reference to legal proceedings against him, he argued that will declare when they call. "I am available and to the right every time it corresponds to clarify whatever it is," closed.


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