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Dangers of putting earrings on newborns: your doctor

Some parents believe that putting earrings on newborn babiess is better, as this will quickly forget the pain, however, the American Academy of Pediatrics She states that this practice can be very dangerous for the baby.

According to experts, piercing the ears of newborn babies It can increase the risk of infections and injuries.

Dangers of putting on baby earrings

In many cultures it is normal to pierce the ears of the newborn, however, pediatricians confirm that it is a dangerous practice for the following reasons:

1. The baby can swallow the earring

It may seem impossible, but pediatricians indicate that it is more common than we think.

Earrings are small pieces of metal that can be very dangerous to the baby because they get caught in the clothes and accidentally enter the child's mouth.

The consequences can be very serious, such as esophageal lesions and other complications.

2. Infections

It is a mistake to put earrings on newborn babies, because if done within a few days or hours of birth, it is likely that it was not given before birth. tetanus vaccine.

This is a serious bacterial infection mainly caused by a deep wound. It causes painful muscle spasms and can cause death.

In general, the vaccine is not applied until two months of age, so piercing the baby's ear with an ear tag increases the risk of the disease.

3. Allergies

As the baby is newborn, we probably do not know what allergies it may have, so if it manifests an allergic reaction to the metal of the earring, a infection in the ear lobe.

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4. Lobe rupture

Putting ring earrings or in the form of rings is very dangerous for the baby as they are easy to hook and can cause earlobe rupture.

5. Keloids

The cheloids arise when after an injury, in this case ear piercing, there is an exaggerated reaction of the body.

Once the hole is made, the body sees it as a trauma and will try to heal it, so that the keloids, that is, tissue formations around the hole, will form.

In most cases, surgery is needed to remove them.

How to avoid complications?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting for the girl to be large enough to puncture and avoid risks.

It is recommended that they be used only gold earings infections, and do so in a location that has properly sterilized equipment.

Drilling devices are not recommended as they can not be sterilized and there is a risk that the girl may have an infection. In more severe cases, hepatitis can develop.

You already know, before putting your baby's earrings, consult an expert and remember that it is better to wait until it is bigger.

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