"Dancing 2018": the scandalous accusation of Lourdes Sánchez against Sol Perez


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The differences between Sol Perez and Lourdes Sánchez come from almost the beginning of this edition of Dancingand last Friday's party was no exception. Is that although the president of BAR has stated that she would not talk about the old weather girlfinally He could not help it..

"She's a dancer and danced last, it's very strange. The dancers are the ones who need to know the most, they must go first."said the former weather girl, complaining of a supposed preferential treatment for those who are "virtuous."

"Mica (Viciconte) danced the duel on Tuesday and yesterday she was dancing again, and she is not a dancer. It seems to me that we are killing all of us who are not dancers. That the dancers do first, what are the most cancheras have to be. If we do not come rowing, paddling and paddling … "he added.

"Do you want me to tell you what happened to the rhythm of precision?"interjected Lourdes, with a tricky tone.

"What happened to the accuracy rate?", He wanted to know Marcelo Tinelli.

"I had to dance on a Monday and sunshine on a Thursday. As Sol did not know the choreography asked to dance on Monday and was sent on Thursday"he said.

"I had already given up, when a person gives up he does not get rehearsed. I really gave up, and I had talked about this with the production, you may ask. If I resign, I will not rehearse. For what? If I resigned, I obviously did not know the choreography. Why do not you know the choreography? If you are a dancer, you should always be present for the first dance, "said the panelist. The Show Specialists.

"I danced on Thursday and took all ten," the "chicaneó" Lourdes.

"And yes, you are a dancer, you must always dance first, all ten, and I do not know why you do it (while Lourdes was covering your ears), do not you hear the whistling voice you have?" .

"I love my voice, it takes a lot of kids. " concluded the BAR jury, with irony.


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