Dancing 2018: fierce crossing between Lourdes Sánchez and Sol Pérez for a locker room


Every time Lourdes Sánchez and Sol Pérez cross in the Dancing for a dream Take the opportunity to remember that you can not see. There is always some reason that serves as an excuse to argue. Last night, the trigger was certain favoritism that Lourdes would have in designing locker rooms.

Sol denounced that while she has to share the dressing room with eight other people, Lourdes is only occupied by her and her dancer. The dancer denied the version of the Sun, and clarified that she should also share it with the members of the BAR.

Anyway, that was just the beginning. Sol also criticized the preferential treatment for Lourdes when it came to establishing the dance order of the couple: "She is a dancer and danced last, it is very rare. Dancers are the ones who need to know the most, they must go first." Sun's comment comes in the context of a certain rivalry between the dance participants and those who are not: "I think we're killing all of us who are not dancers."

To distance herself from the indictment, Lourdes recalled that Sol asked to change the day of the presentation because he did not have the choreography learned. This was a slap for the participant, who remembered that this was due to the days of rehearsal that she lost by having resigned.

This round trip has become more intense. Lourdes, who was more relaxed after dancing, covered her ears while Sun spoke. Lourdes added: "I do not know why you do this, do not you hear the whistling voice you have?" This remark was too much for Marcelo Tinelli. "I love my voice, it takes a lot of kids."


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