Cuban scientists use scorpion venom to heal – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


A group of researchers from Cuba discovered that the poison of the blue scorpion, whose scientific name is Rhopalurus junceus and which is originally from the island, seems to have properties anti-inflammatory and pain relief, as well as may slow the growth of tumors in some cancer patients.

Some oncologoverseas argue that more research is needed to support this claim, but the Cuban pharmaceutical company Labiofam has used scorpion venom since 2011 to manufacture the Vidatox homeopathic medicine.. The remedy proved to be popular.

Vidatox is sold in 15 nations and currently the company is in talks with China to sell the medicine to that country. In Cuba, thousands of patients were treated with the product.

"I put the scorpion where I feel the pain," said Pepe CasaƱas, a 78-year-old Cuban farmer who for a decade used a scorpion to reduce pain caused by rheumatism.

After capturing him, he had to nudge him for a while until the expected reaction occurred: the sting. "It hurts for a while, but then it calms down and disappears," he said.

About the effects of this medicine, the doctor Fabio Linares, head of the laboratory of homeopathic medicines of Labiofam, said Vidatox stimulates the body's natural defense mechanisms.


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