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As the video game industry prepared to meet the player of the year at The 2018 Game Awards, Steam decided to announce free of charge to all its CS: GO subscribers (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) together with the royal battle called Gander Zone, which motivated a wave of negative comments regarding the popular shooter.

This action was a little desperate on the part of Steam, since during the early hours of the morning, the creator of Fortnite announced the Epic Store Games, the new virtual store of video games that would compete with the store Valve.

Placing themselves as "free to play" abruptly one of their best games, CS: GO, has generated all the fury of thousands of users, from the first day they generate more than 14 thousand negative comments, which is a historical fact on Steam since the company enabled the revision system in 2013.


Most comments come from users who already had it in their library Counter Strike: Global Offensive For a long time, it seems unfair that the video game to which they spent money is now free.

cs go

On the other hand, players are convinced that by placing Counter Strike: Global Offensive like "free to play" will attract many hackers and cheaters to the shooter. Something that happened in Counter Strike 1.6 and could not be regulated with the "anti-cheat".

Another complaint is the Prime Counter Strike: Global Offensive, because only users who have linked their cell phone numbers with their accounts and worked hard for a long time to be in the 21 post may be here. However, Steam now allows any user who purchases CS: GO Prime Status Upgrade to 49 soles to join this select group.


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