Sunday , June 20 2021

Crosses between Ford and Volkswagen, where the Amarok and Ranger pickups will be produced

A few hours later, there was a suggestive fact: from Ford's local branch, a statement was sent to the local Spanish press. In the text, the following was specified in the last paragraph: "Through the Alliance, Ford will develop and manufacture mid-sized pickups for both companies, which are expected to hit the market in 2022. For both parties, Ford plans to develop and manufacture large commercial vans for customers in Europe and Volkswagen will develop and manufacture an urban van. "In this way, It became clear that the new Amarok will be manufactured by the American brand. This was interpreted by all means, taking into account the long history of this car in the production of this type of vehicles while Volkswagen debuted 10 years ago with its first pickup.

However, the president of VW to South America, Pablo Di Si, expressed a different view. "They are talking about some projects, but none have been defined. The pickup is one of them, what is not defined is where it will be produced."

After his statement, Á asked him about the content of the local branch statement of the oval brand. "Ask Ford," was his blunt response. He added: "I, like Volkswagen, say it's not defined."

Question: Why did not the local Volkswagen subsidiary send its statement to avoid this kind of contradiction?

Pablo Di Si: When we talk about how a project is worldwide, it is not from Latin America. Then a statement is agreed around the world where we participate in the review process. If we send a statement from our local branch, we will reply to what Germany has sent. It would be redundant.

Q: It is not understood, then, what Ford said

P.D.: Ask them. The statement is not yet defined.

Q: What impact will this global agreement have on the two brands?

P.D.: The alliance is very good because it takes the best of both companies. Which is the best of Ford, which is the best of Volkswagen and in which we have an absolute understanding. We also agree that in medium-sized pickups, Ford can add many things. Regardless of the product, like Volkswagen, we will keep our DNA. The content, what the customer sees and touches, for our product will be defined by Volkswagen.

Q .: The statement says that Volkswagen will focus on city vans. Can it be like the Caddy model?

P.D.: No. We are referring to larger vehicles, but I am not saying that this model is discarded. The important thing is that we are going to make decisions that increase Volkswagen's turnover and are better for Volkswagen. In the case where Amarok goes to one side or the other, like Volkswagen, we have to be stronger, commercially and industrially.

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