Cristina Tejedor's dramatic story of the rape she suffered: "Before I did not believe in you or your family"


Sunday, December 16, 2018 09:36

The testimony of Thelma Fardín last Tuesday, with his complaint for rape against Juan Darthés, moved society, monopolized the covers of newspapers and was the central theme of television programs.

Mirtha Legrand's Night did not depart and the diva gathered different guests to discuss the matter. In this picture, the actress Cristina Tejedor He recounted the dramatic experience he experienced when he arrived from Mar del Plata to Buenos Aires and was only 20 years old.

"I lived in Villa Luro and worked in San Justo, so I was on the bus all day, I left a class, we talked in the bar and then I waited for the bus." It began with its history.

"And half of Pajuerana, I was coming from Mar del Plata, suddenly an adorable boy approached me in a car, that guy could conquer any girl, stop and tell me: Look, this collective does not happen anymore & # 39 ;. " He said, "Yes, that does not happen anymore." And he told me, "Look, I'm going to Rivadavia, if you want I can take you to Liniers." And I really trusted, because I saw him as a polite and charming boy, " continued

"We left, when suddenly I see him start to take other roads, he took a dark place to Palermo, I started to scream … He told me:" Do not worry because nobody will hear you here. "He raped me and I yelled at him so we continued and when we caught Rivadavia, he practically threw me out", he remembered.

The actress said she tried to see the vehicle's patent as she walked away, but "everything turned black". After that, she spent a week in bed, depressed: "I went to the doctor with Eda (Diaz), she told me that I was pregnant, I wanted to kill myself, I hit my belly, so the doctor who told me that I was pregnant told me:" I do not miscarry, but here you has a card & # 39; "

"The place was a big deal, the living room was full of girls, and I went with my mother's hand and the doctor who was doing the scale told me:" Everyone says the same thing " , he remembered.

"I have reconsidered many things, many times, because you think again, today I thought that maybe this gentleman was watching and knowing that a 20 year old girl who picked him up and told him that he would take her to Liniers, took her to the field open, he raped her and impregnated her … she knows I am me, " he closed in a voice filled with anguish and emotion.

And he concluded: "Forty years ago they did not believe you, not my family, they did not believe you, Chiquita, it was terrible, that's why I applaud that now you're talking and leaning, and there are numbers that women can turn on."

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