Cristina Kirchner was totally involved in the election for governor of Neuquén and left a message? in a photo


The national senator and former president Cristina Kirchner received at the headquarters of the Instituto Patria candidate for governor of Neuquén for Citizen Unit, Ramón Riosecoand gave him "strong support" in the face of the March 10 elections in the province of Patagonia.

"We are very enthusiastic, very strongly, just a few days ago until a cycle of 60 years in the politics of Neuquén We are very happy to have received this strong support from Cristina Kirchner"argued the opposition candidate.

The meeting, which took place on Wednesday in the building located at Rodríguez Peña 80, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Nicolás, was also attended by the national deputy and candidate for deputy governor of Neuquén, Darío Martínez.

In the photo released after the meeting, the former president is seen next to Rioseco and Martinez, smiling. But a detail of the image attracted attention. At the desk you can see an ornament imitating the patent car plate that says CFK 2019. Is it a message on the electoral key?

"O Exhaustion of the cycle of the Popular Movement of Neuquén (MPN) will mean a historic change that will open the door to a new government that will recover for the neuquinos a project of a modern province with strong development and social inclusion, "agreed the candidates in a statement.

They also pointed out that they found the former head of state "very concerned about the situation that millions of Argentines are going through, burdened by inflation, lack of work and lack of future, but at the same time with all the force, lucidity and serenity necessary to create the conditions that allow us to put an end to the policies of President Mauricio Macri. "

"That's why we say that the March 10 elections will kick-start a major shift that will spread throughout the country. there are two exhausted cycles, the one of the MPN in Neuquén, that takes 60 years, and the one of Macri which in four years produced immense damage to the whole of Argentine society, "concluded Rioseco and Martinez.

On Sunday, March 10, Rioseco will face current governor Omar Gutiérrez and Casa Rosada candidate Horacio "Pechi" Quiroga.


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