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Could PlayStation return to the cartridges? New design by Sony for lanes


Recently we have known from several Sony patents that many designs of interesting devices. Some people have not come to life, for others seem alike to him. Well then, following this line, I have come up with a new record that should see Sony's work around a cartridge unit for video games.

The general record of this hardware is on June 26, 2019, but it has a record dated May 11 this year, and is presented to the National Institute of Industrial Property of Brazil. However, I was only discovered by the Dutch site LetsGoDigital (via Wccftech). According to the information, it is a cartridge of games. The design was corrected by Yujin Morisawa, senior art director at Sony Interactive Entertainment, who handles PlayStation-branded products. The intellectual property agent is Kasznar Leonardos.

For the moment we know of this system, largely because it is a piece of hardware that could well be a concept and Sony is only registered to protect this property. From the previous there is the possibility that, in fact, there is reality and that the company implements it in a PlayStation family, as it can be that only one wants one idea.

However, something that one might think could be something that sees the light and that LetsGoDigital He published the record of what appeared to be the PlayStation 5 development kit, while an external developer confirmed the time, and even photos that also confirmed the model. But something that suggests that Sony would not use these cartridges in the PlayStation family is their familiarity with this format. That's why, as you will know, no Sony home console has ever used cartridges and PlayStation 5 will read Blu-ray drives. As it seems, only the weather wanted to resurrect these unknowns.

Just as some might think that they could mean the return of PlayStation Vita (the only Sony console that has used video game cartridges), we remind you that Sony previously filed a patent indicating the use of cartridges, but they were focused on the line. of games for kids Toio.

Luckily, LetsGoDigital published some images of the original design of Morisawa, as well as a 3D design. Let us give you the images to follow up.

Original Design (Image: LetsGoDigital)
Original Design (Image: LetsGoDigital)
3D Model (Image: LetsGoDigital)
3D Model (Image: LetsGoDigital)

Now that you checked the design, cuentanos, what do you think he is? Do you think Sony will implement this system on PlayStation? Will you tend to use cartridges as storage media? Share your opinion in the comments.

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