Coudet put fierce sticks in his possible Racing march


After the rumors that connected him to one of the important teams of South America, Eduardo Coudet Dialogue at a press conference and made clear his commitment to Racing Club. And is that the coach received a formal proposal of the Colo Colo of Chile, whose sports director is the Argentine Marcelo Espina.

"With Espina I encountered a professional problem, but the Racing leaders knew beforehand, I just wanted to be respectful to a friend, but he knows I have a commitment to the club and its staff., revealed the "Chacho" bringing tranquility to the fans of the Superliga Argentina.

And I added: "It's not easy to sustain him in time as a coach and more in Argentine football, for that there must be growth, and today I see the growth in Racing that allows me to know that things can be improved week by week based on work. are up to the requirement ".

As for the way the Avellaneda team plays and its overwhelming pace in the tournament, the 44-year-old coach analyzed: "The race has a clear idea when it comes to play, I feel that people are satisfied with this idea and that the players are able to carry it out, we want a team of leaders and in a year I think we have achieved".

The Academy will receive on Sunday, at 9:30 p.m., San Martin de San Juan and seek to extend the advantage. Therefore, Coudet does not want to lower his guard: "The gift of Racing is a virtue and many of the players, I attribute this to their effort and healthy competition within the group, which satisfies me, I am very happy with what the team has been generating in the last games .. to hold it".


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