Cosquin 2019: Abel Pintos and an epic show in the rain on the fourth moon


As a staging of a great film, Abel Pintos exploded in one of the most anticipated presentations of this Cosquin 2019, as long as the huge breath of fresh air that began to blow at the very moment Atahualpa Yupanqui stepped in, minutes after two in the morning.

The wind began to explode the crazy snow that his fans threw to the sky to welcome him, added to the lightning that became strong next to the stage, generated a visually impressive moment for the beginning of the show before an absolutely complete square for the first (And just?) So far at the festival.

The first chords of How I miss you the scream was complete, though the screams had turned into a chorus that accompanied Abel throughout the concert. After the initial euphoria of the first songs, Pintos introduced himself to ask his audience to take their places again.

"We have prepared a long repertoire to take advantage of," he said to pave the way for a celebrated block of folk roots inviting total contemplation. There was a zambas hooked and a very good version of The blue flower keyboard, and voice, which his "family", as he used to call his audience, liked from start to finish.

With Outstanding issues and The alcatrazAbel walked without his hat in the rain, which by this time was already quite intense. The public did not care or leave their seats: at most, the most cautious took their pilots, while the rest was finished, but with a smile from ear to ear.

After the debut of One hundred years (Advance of the upcoming album) and another waterfall of success, the show ended after four hours under a real flood, generating memorable postcards with the audience and his idol dancing as if the end of the world was coming. Unforgettable

Animated start
"I know you came to see Abel, that's why I thank you more," launched a Lovato Leandro impressively moved to tears in gratitude for a place that offered his respect and applause. The Santa Fe was commissioned to open a fourth moon that generated great anticipation at the premiere, especially at the box office. Did he think people would reject his ever-effective proposal?

So he dedicated The Fiddler's Kitten Néstor Garnica, another great virtuoso of the instrument, showing a good gesture among his colleagues, are those that are not abundant in the festival. "I will not forget tonight, the bees are trusting, live the folklore!" He threw up again referring to the fans of Pintos and before saying goodbye to another chacarera. Of course, after such a harangue there was an encore and ovation.

And the female quota?
Patricia Gómez arrived from the Reconquista with its subtle sounds and coastal paintings and included a great classic like Backwater Prayer. The unacceptable thing is that she was the only woman on the grid of the day (except for the Pre Cosquín winners and the Province postcards), shortly after a Monday day when there was no female proposal.

As for the "Postcards", on this day there were two proposals. First Tierra del Fuego and a beginning with a tribute to the unfortunately disappeared ARA San Juan, which caused a closed applause of the square. The closure was with the recognition of the Antarctic teachers who teach at the Marambio Base.

The other was the Santiago del Estero, perhaps the best achieved of those who appeared here. The great performance sought to replicate the magic of the patio of Indio Froilán, a luthier who is already a living legend in the province and demonstrated all his skill by setting up a legume drum in less than five minutes while the invited "stars", Orellana Lucca ) Saturday) and Peteco Carabajal. The end was with a "March of the Drums" composed of more than 400 percussionists that left the bottom of the square and wrapped all with their telluric mantra sound.

The sensitivity of Nahuel
Nahuel Pennisi took him one of the warmest receptions of the evening, who returned the fraternal gesture with a sincere version of Brothers of yupanqui at the beginning. Chacarera of stones He raised the first palms of a square that seemed to be surprised once again by his particular way of playing the guitar. This time he realized he was looser and was on a permanent trip with the public, as if he needed it. feedback surrender even more.

"To hear Cosquín as a boy on the radio, my love of folklore was born," said Florencio Varela's native singer before launching himself into a hypnotic zambas popurri (Stone and Road / Balderrama / Curling Scarves) that the square sang to the fullest, in one of those really moving moments that are most needed at the festival.

Closed with very successful interpretation of I come to offer my heart and The iceberg, after beating Rosarina Trova. Asked why the election of Fito Paez's anthem has already sounded several times on these first four moons, he explained convinced: "It's a song that says the right things for this moment." Very clear

The winners of Pre Cosquín in the traditional dance pair categories (Jaqueline Saucedo and Germán Moreno and Entre Ríos) and Conjunto de malambo (The Footprint of San Juan), plus the Coscoínos Ceibo, the premiere of Maité with guest Facundo Toro and the villamariense Fabricio Rodríguez, without much to emphasize.


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