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Like every year, and in early December, it will be possible to enjoy a meteor shower called Geminids.

Its origin is a strange object called 3200 Phaethon. According to astronomers, it is a rocky comet, that is, an asteroid that arrived very close to the Sun; It came so close that the sun's heat burned its dusty debris that covered its surface.

Its name comes from the fact that its radiant, which is the place in the sky where the meteors seem to come, occurs just above the constellation Gemini. All the meteors we see seem to come from that point, their trajectories will start from there.

Geminids look better in the northern hemisphere. In the south, they can also be seen, but with less intensity.

The rain runs from Friday 7 to Monday, December 17, and the maximum activity will be presented during the dawn of Thursday 13 to Friday 14 December.

The rate of this rainfall is about 120 meteors per hour at most in dark skies and the northern hemisphere. Can be seen for most of the night. They are highlighted by meteors of various colors and by their low speed (35 kilometers per second).

Observing meteors does not require any type of optical instrument (neither telescope nor binoculars), since our eyes perceive meteors better with peripheral vision. Also for this reason it is not necessary to look directly at the radiant, in addition to the meteors that cross the whole sky.

Source: Astronomical Observatory of Córdoba


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