content of the battle pass


The 7th season of Fortnite has already landed on the island. This new stage left us with a lot of news on the map and the mechanics of the game. However, one of the great strengths of this huge update is the battle pass.

If you have just joined Fortnite, a brief note. With the battle pass, which you can buy at the title store, the more you play, the more rewards you'll unlock.

Normally these skins and objects can only be reached through this form. There are many users who, instead of leveling up and unlocking the game, decide to pay a sum of money, more than 100 euros, to have it from the beginning.

On this occasion, the battle pass is distinguished by the skins of weapons and vehicles. Each player can put a different style for these elements, making the game much more visual and personalized.

It's time to start working and start over. Spectacular skin, emoticons, graffiti, paragliders … All this and more awaits you when you complete the hundred levels. Remember that challenges are a key part to go faster and Movistar eSports will bring you, weekly, the best tips to overcome them.


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