Consumers paid 525% more than the producer received


According to a new research Source and Destination Price Index (IPOD), prepared by Argentine Confederation of the Medium-sized Enterprise (CAME)In December, consumers paid 525% more than they received. producers. In addition, they warned that in comparison with November, this difference remained unchanged, so they estimated that the share in the final price was 22.7%.

In this new document issued by the corporate chamber, they affirmed that, although the average value remained stable, there were movements in the gaps of several products, such as red apple, which doubled its gap by increasing 8.1 times, November to 16 times in December. While in red peppers it was reduced almost by half, going from 8.6 times to 4.5.

In addition, from the CAME explained that the agricultural IPOD in December remained at 5.66 times, the same amount in November, although 13.2% higher than December 2017, while the farmer increased by 1.1%, stood at 3 , 63 times, 2.9% below December 2017. As a result, the producer share in the final price rose slightly to 22.7%, on average, from 22% in the previous month.

In the same, they specified that the products with the highest gaps in December were: the apple, where the price multiplied by 16 times, the orange 11.9 times, the pear 7.6 times, and the tangerine, the lemon and the rice. about 6.1 times, and in the first case the destination price increased due to the scarcity and higher marketing costs.

On the other hand, what diminished this difference was the egg, the chicken meat and the chard, all with intervals inferior to 3 times. While the tomato salad remained with a stable gap it is positioned at 3.1 times. Taking these numbers into account, from the CAME warned that, in general, they are products that have a constant supply, organized and easy to replace despite the inclement weather or other factors.

Finally, from the corporate chamber, they indicated that during the last month of last year, of the 25 products surveyed, it was recorded that there were 12 increases in their breaches and that in the remaining 13 they had fallen. In any case, they explained that the share is still very low for the average of the goods, since there are only 4 products where the producer's share in the final price is more than 30%.


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