Monday , October 18 2021

Confused and uncomfortable episode of Cristian Pavón in Córdoba – 12/25/2018


The Boca striker, Cristian Pavón, he had a bad time in High Grace, a few miles from Anisacate where he spent the Christmas Eve. The player had to go to the municipal corral to remove the car that the municipal police kidnapped his brother Federico, who starred in a scandal in a control.

The incident occurred during a check in Achával Rodríguez street in Alta Gracia, when the soccer player (played in Córdoba) was stopped by "dangerous driving and annoying noises." Federico would have refused to hand over the keys to his car, with discussions in the middle. "Get out of here hungry," he told the traffic inspector.

Finally, the officers seized the vehicle and drove it away. Himself Kichan He would have searched for his brother and the three companions, though he did so several feet away from the event to avoid the curious. Now the woman has made the complaint of verbal aggression and Pavón's brother must make the statement. In Alta Gracia no one confirmed whether the brave seven-brother of Boca was drunk.

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