Sunday , June 20 2021

Confirmed a new case of hantavirus in Navarro and there are already four in Buenos Aires

The doctors at the Sommer Hospital of General Rodrguez they reported in a new case of hantavirus registered in Navarro. So far there are already four cases detected in the province of Buenos Aires.

This is a 20-year-old girl who has been hospitalized since Sunday at the hospital and tested positive for hantavirus a few hours ago. As it could be established, the patient, who remains stable, will have been infected with the cleaning of a deposit.

Sources from that medical institution reported that the young woman had entered with fever and respiratory problems, so on Sunday she took a sample that was analyzed and confirmed by the Malbrn Institute.

The case is that this girl joins the other three men infected with hantavirus, hospitalized in the cities of San Pedro, Morn and Lomas de Zamora, in Buenos Aires. In addition, there will be two other patients in observation in the games of Escobar and Lans.

The patient admitted to Lomas de Zamora, in Gandulfo Hospital, is 26 years old and "is improving," the secretary said in a brief statement. While the man who tested positive for hantavirus in San Pedro is 41 years old and is admitted to a private clinic there.

The Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires informed that these cases are not atypical, since in the province the disease is endemic. In this line, they remembered that in 2018 there were 25 registered cases.

Ac does not record inter-human transmission, but is only by inhaling rodent excrement. And mortality is much lower, it is 16%, while for the South Andes, which circulates in Chubut, it is 40%, They also highlighted, highlighting the difference between the strains of the province and those of the south, where the disease spreads among humans.

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