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The lack of vaccines has been recorded, among which anti-influenza was found and there is concern in society. From the Argentine Society of Vaccination and Epidemiology, they affirm that the delayed deliveries were registered. The Office of the Ombudsman of the Nation requested the Ministry of Health to comply with the deadline and manner of delivery of the supplies requested by the provinces and made a complaint at the local headquarters of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

In this context, the Secretary of Health of the Nation recognized that "there were delays in distribution in early February"Of the doses. However, they Chronic what "Since last week and all provinces have the vaccine and yesterday began to be distributed in the city and on Monday start in the province of Buenos Airess ".

"Do not freak out"

"We should not despair, it's only the beginning of April. You always have to get vaccinated in late April and early May.", justified the concern.

In addition, last Monday the health secretary Adolfo Rubinstein underlined its concern with a topical "So Sensitive"and minimized criticism. In their eyes they are politicians: "TAll this has a certain connotation. When can they reach us? Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are not. With the anti-flu, the delay does not exceed ten days ".

In the middle of this matter, Dalma Maradona He showed his indignation on Twitter for not receiving the vaccine. "Shame on me that I took one time to take a flu vaccine a week ago and today they tell me they do not have it and I have to wait another week! More than I do, because I have to give it to my daughter!", The daughter of Diego.

Dalma was not the only one harmed by the lack of this vaccine. Dozens of people reported on social networks that they could not receive it before the start of winter. Among those affected, Fernando García, neighbor of the locality of Buenos Aires González Catán, assured that in the hospital of his district there is not. "My mother is asthmatic and her doctor told her. I went to buy it and they told me that there is not yet, that delivery is delayed"He lamented Marta Pérez, resident of San Miguel.

Complaints from Facebook users over the lack of the flu vaccine. (Print Screen)

The Health Secretariat of the Nation officially launched the flu vaccination campaign last Tuesday. This vaccine is part of the National Calendar and is applied free of charge, compulsory and without medical order to the population that belongs to the risk groups (pregnant, under 5 years, over 65 years, long term health problems). In turn, they recommend to all people from 6 months of age. However, due to these delays in their distribution, the campaign started with a certain delay compared to previous years.

"The planned distribution is timely according to the characteristics of the current epidemiological situation, taking into account that significant viral circulation has not yet been recorded." The Ministry of Health said in a statement announcing the national launch of the campaign and reported that 10,100,000 doses were acquired (8,100,000 adults and 2,000,000 pediatric).


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