Thursday , October 21 2021

Comment by Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro on "Not one less" that annoyed women at Mirtha Legrand's desk


(Video: "The Night of Mirtha Legrand", The Thirteen)

The table of Mirtha Legrand Last Saturday, he invited three women who participated actively in the "Ni una menos" movement: Teté Coustarot, Nancy Pazos and María O & # 39; Donnell. And in addition, he received the former tennis player José Luis "Batata" Clerc and the lawyer Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

The lawyer was at the center of the controversy for several minutes of dinner and was heavily criticized by the guests after ensuring that the "Not one less" had "a high ideological load."

Then there was an intense exchange of ideas between the journalist, the lawyer, Teté Coustarot and Nancy Pazos.

-Maria O & # 39; Donnell: What do you mean by "ideological"?

-Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro: That behind the gender issue was hidden a vision related to the government "K". It is absolutely so. Today this does not happen anymore.

-Nancy Pazos: Nothing to see, the issue of gender has to do with gender, not with political ideology.

-Teté Coustarot: When you say an ideological accusation, is it to depreciate "Not One Minus"? Why you say that?

-O & # 39; Donnell: He says it's a philharmonic movement. It has nothing to do.

-D & # 39; Alessandro: I'm saying this, it was a sharp edge of kirchnerist movement. Indeed…

-Coustarot: But you do not know the women who organized it.

-D & # 39; Alessandro: More or less, because I went to a march, they also did not make one hundred marches.

Pazos: Do you think that no Macrist women were mobilized by "Not One Less"? You're totally wrong. It was crowded.

-D & # 39; Alessandro: Yes, but it had an ideological load.

-O & # 39; Donnell: Everything is ideological, it's like saying "it's political". It's polis: influence the public agenda. Of course, women who mobilize against macho violence have an ideology that has to do with ending a patriarchy, a relationship of forces and change the culture. So there is an ideology. What you were saying is that you were under an ideology putting on a cloak of a second Kirchnerism intent crouched behind the "Not One Less".

-D & # 39; Alessandro: Yes, it is true, there was. What I'm saying is that only those 500 actresses …

-O & # 39; Donnell: But based on what you're saying it?

-D & # 39; Alessandro: Based on many things related to abortion …

-O & # 39; Donnell: Cristina went against the decriminalization of abortion.

-D & # 39; Alessandro: What's that got to do with it? I'm talking about "Ni Una Menos", which is a previous debate, it's not all about Cristina. I assert that, at least what I believe, is that these new 500 actresses were "deideologized" (in the case of Juan Darthés).

The discussion was still on Mirtha Legrand's desk and D & # 39; Alessandro quoted Amalia Granata to try to expose her point of view: "She is in favor of the Fardin theme and was pulverized because, Because he's pro-life, he could not be on his side … She said: "No one was freer than I was with my body. I was responsible, I got Robbie Williams because it seemed to me this does not mean that you have to follow the ideology of abortion& # 39; "

However, the example did not stop the debate, but on the contrary. Finally he got tired and put an end to it: "Do not make me intimidate! Because I'm with 500, I already have Sweet potato (Clerc), we come together and we do the antibullying ".

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