Columbus fans asked to play before the Union


While Colón defeated Deportivo Municipal for the Copa Sudamericana, the supporters sang for the Santafesino classic.

"Players, let's see if we understand each other, we have to beat the Tiger, that Tate will c …" Thus, the fans of Sabalero felt last night while their team defeated Deportivo Municipal.

The Super League Cup can allow the city to enjoy a new Santa Fe Classic. Columbus and Union could see each other's faces in the quarterfinals.

For that to happen, Sabalero should win their series against Tigre (in the first stage was 0-0) on Sunday at 13.15 and Tatengue should eliminate the San Martin de Tucumán (it was 1-1 in San Miguel) the same day at 5:45. It should be noted that the visitor's goal is doubled.

Watch Columbus fans video

With five minutes left to finish the first half, a good move by Clemente Rodríguez on the left resulted in a foul inside the area.


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