Claudia Villafañe said that Diego Maradona blocked and said: "Living in a parallel reality"


(Video: "Infama Reloaded" – America)

Claudia Villafañe was interviewed in the program Inflamed Reload talk about your indignation with the producer who is preparing a series on the life of Diego Maradona, where it will be played by Laura Esquivel and Julieta Cardinali at different stages of your life.

The ex-wife of Ten He said he did not agree with aspects of Diego's life that they will show in the series. "I saw where they wanted to go, what sells, the morbid and such things …" he said, and even shuffled the possibility of making their own production to count your version.

"If it makes us ill for my daughters and me, by showing a fictitious reality that is not what I lived, I will certainly go out and tell my part." Saying how we both live … It's that there are not two stories here, it's one alone, "he said.

And he surprised with a statement about his current relationship: "It's difficult with such a public character. It always has different environments around it. I'm locked out of your phone Now I told her about the things that happened to her lawyer and they saw that they asked if it was true or not … So I wanted to write to say something to her and I thought I had changed the profile photo but no, I had blocked it on my cell phone. "

"In justice they are totally confronted and one would believe that they do not speak to themselves, how is the dialogue between you?", They asked the Villafañe, in front of the astonishment by what he counted. She replied, "I called him because of one specific thing I had to tell him about one of our daughters. He answered me and we talked about everything because he mixes everything. Go back to the trials and say things we all know are not true. He goes on to claim that I am not fired (for the cause in which he claimed football shirts and other belongings) and I told him that if I wanted to, he would send all the documentation of the causes that are already finished. "

Villafañe said her ex-husband "live a parallel reality " and partly because "their environment says what you need to say ". In this sense, he gave as an example that recently he said that Granados Sweets She was not the godmother of Dieguito Fernando"when it is publicly known that it is".

"Why can not he be okay with all his kids? When you're good with one, you're wrong with the other. This is not the way of life. You have to enjoy the day to day with all the children or with the people that you want to be. If you do not want to share with these people, do not involve other things, "he said.

In addition, he revealed that Gianinna was the one in charge to take the father to Dieguito Fernando and its mother, Veronica Ojeda"She asked her father to see Dieguito, he told her that Veronica was not answering the phone, so Gianinna called her and asked if she could take the baby." She said yes and there they established the dialogue. I think it's fantastic ".


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