Clarín's hand went away militating the adjustment: recommended to eat land to lose weight


Though it's hard to believe it's true. The Clarin published a note entitled "They found the most incredible method to lose weight: eating dirt," in which they ensure, among others, that "an investigation has found that clay has the possibility of absorbing drops of fat in the intestine."

That the newspaper tries to cover the economic and social horrors of government is not new. They made notes saying that it was fashionable to live with many together, whether or not to go on vacation or how healthy it could be to change jobs, but this time they got involved in a serious problem, since experts indicate that eating land is a problem. a disturbance and a very dangerous one.

So much so that several experts in the area came to question the article and talk about the irresponsibility of the newspaper, the journalist and the editor.


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