Cinthia Fernndez went into fury against the judges of the Dance: Let them go!


Cinthia Fernndez is one of the famous consecrated dancers, participates for years and always spends a lot of time. The model She defends everything she loves with all her claws, from 3 beautiful daughters to a passion for dance. Maybe that's why I burst into the last gala, they criticized her without filters on something she likes and she can not stand it.

Although usually stay away from controversy. In fact, this year he was only the protagonist of a fight with Laurita Fernndez and this happened for wanting to defend his partner, Martn Baclini. As we have said before, he is capable of everything he loves! Now the dancer This caused a stir after being filmed (without realizing it) telling all about the ShowMatch juries.

In bachata, Cinthia he took the worst comments of ngel de Brito, Marcelo Polino, Laurita Fernndez and Pampita (replacing Flor Pea). Everyone agreed that he had no energy, sensuality and that he was exaggerating. The smartest of them was Polino, who told him: The acting looked fake, very hyperactive. I think they make the face of fever that do not sit. They're better grounded rhythms when they're wearing shoes, Laurita added.

I do not think bachata is very energetic, it is danced with hips very close. It's a rhythm of salt! "She said irritably. On hearing everyone said. Sometimes I do not know what they want! But let's watch the videos and we'll have autocratic. However, that calm that showed on the track was very opposite to how she was seen behind the scenes.

The brunette He talked to his coach and his partner, not knowing what was recorded, and he was very withdrawn. Let them go to … Stop fucking me! I already said that, in bachata I do not emphasize this claw. This is ignorant. It's a ballroom dance, you hear her say angrily. Watch the video and watch their amazing reaction!


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